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The main episodes, called The Pack, will feature a group of werewolves embarking on a great adventure. Live Play D&D 4E

July 23, 2017

A Game of Distractions 2- The Secrets are in the Wind

Gastar finishes up his plans and recruitment.  Angelo and Merrick check in on some prisoners they will be escorting.

*As a side note to this episdoe I want to say that so far I have been very disapointed in the audio quality of these episodes.  I am working on a new setup and somewhere something has gone wrong.  I am working to fix this and hope episode 3 will be better.  Please bear with us as we get this on track.  Thank you.  -Austin"

This is "A Song of Ice and Fire" live play podcast.  There will be adult content and references to "A Game of Thrones".  Because this is all improvisation things may stray from the books.  We have no affiliation with HBO or Goeorge R.R. Martin.  This is a product of Distractions Media.  All rights reserved. Copyright 2017.
Orion Pheonix- Webby @Jaxforestwalker
Angelo Camberland- Devin @daero3092
Gastar Pheonix- Goose @Mingoose
Merrick Rivers- Donnie
GM- Austin- @Seezyof300
Check out our site distractionsmedia.com and also you can email us at distractionsmedia@gmail.com or thedistractionspodcast@gmail.com
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