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The main episodes, called The Pack, will feature a group of werewolves embarking on a great adventure. Live Play D&D 4E

May 24, 2017

The Pack Episode 49- Hard Choices (S2-10)

 Facing difficult options the party meets with the water dragon and the group finally hits the wall. 

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DM- Robert Wanless @MinGoose
Korbin Thiahan- Austin Chaudoin @Seezy_Bitch
Alexander Blutbad- Chris Quigley @DMP_Chris
Syzxle Antares- Jake Laskey @MrSexySandman
Jax Forestwalker- Patrick "Webby" Webster @Jaxforestwalker
Krissa- Sabrina @DeadSabrina
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Music by Acoustic Labs

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